Sue Buttermark is a married, semi-retired mom and grandmom. She resides in Wiley Ford, WV with husband Bill and their 2 dogs, Buford & Belle, and 2 cats, Chloe & Gibbs. She has over 25 years of experience as an amateur actor and costume designer for live theater.
Sue has co-authored an in-house adaptation of Jack & The Beanstalk for Theatre of Northeastern CT at The Bradley Playhouse in Putnam CT. She is an avid reader of English period fiction and mysteries. Arthur Conan Doyle, Mary Stewart, Madeleine Brent, and of course, J.K. Rowling are among her favorites.
Sue loves a great cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of red at night. Princess Madeleine's next adventure in Cairn Na Fae is percolating even now!

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Four bored Florida 7th graders, alone on a rainy afternoon, discover a mysterious trunk and an invitation to join The Order of The Golden Tyde...A summons from Merlyn of Camelot plunges the tweens into a 25-year-old mystery in the magyckal Realm of Cairn Na Fae!

Maddie and friends Div, Scoop & Xander, have saved Cairn Na Fae and returned Empress Kestrylle to her what's next, a boring summer of camp & helping out Dad at McT's Music? Not for this Floridian Faerie Princess! Meet new friends, the dragon twins, Ignaytius the Brash aka Iggy, and his sister Tymandara the Crymson aka Tymmi, as Maddie and posse take on the wycked Dowager Marchioness Myranda Darkwyllow-Moonreaver and a coven of immortality-challenged witches known as The Sisterhood of The Quiet Corner!

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When the dreaded COVID19 struck the Nomage Realm beyond The Gloaming, the Wyzard Merlyn had no choice but to lockdown magyck in all the Fae Realms! ....and eerily like her parents Prince Keith and Princess Rhiona when they were exiled from Cairn Na Fae, Maddie's memories of Cairn Na Fae began to fade.
Then in her hometown of Sabal Palms, FL things took a turn for the worse, not only was school locked down, but Div had moved back to California, Scoop took early admission to Hunder University, and Maddie's mother accepted a position at a college in rural West Virginia, whisking an already despressed Maddie into a new life in Robin's Run! Would Maddie ever see her grandparents in Cairn Na Fae, or her BFFs Xander, Scoop and Div....and what about new friends in her new school...if schools ever opened again?
  • Wiley Ford, WV, United States